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There is no virtual P.E.

There is no virtual P.E.

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Get your child moving for overall health and wellbeing.

Many studies have shown that being online too long has a negative effect on health and wellness. Parents are concerned that with virtual learning, their children will be online 4 hours, 6 hours, or more a day. 

While school districts may schedule P.E in their virtual schedules, it will not provide the activity that kids really need. Many virtual P.E. classes will focus on nutrition and other health topics. While these are valuable topics, they don't ask the child to get up and move their body.

Parents will need to insure their children get moving. Walking the dog, riding a bike, going to a park are all great ways to encourage activity. Heather Gillin, Texas A&M University College of Education and Human Development, recommends that parents "make sure their kids spend time doing physical activities." Her article, "Integrating Physical Activity into Distance Education" has some great suggestions.

At USA Ninja Challenge we offer instructor led classes that will engage and challenge your child. Our new Ninja Afternoon Academy is available on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons at 1:30pm. This two hour class gives you a chance to have some time for yourself while your children are having fun and getting the activity they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. If these times don't work for you then check out our full schedule of classes.

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